Interest Groups


Interest Groups:

Interest groups meet either weekly, monthly or randomly. These groups are coordinated by a member with an interest in the activity, with support from the group. Our groups change with members’ interests, and enthusiasm to organise a group. If you’d like to start one, talk to Helen. There’s probably others who’d love to learn something new, contribute their expertise or just have fun with other Probians. We work on a ‘suck & see’ system. You don’t have to commit for life.


Interest Groups:

MONDAY WALKERS: Sally B Meet 9.30am, 1 hour walk, then enjoy Conversation, Coffee & Cake!

1 March: Marsden Valley Cemetery. (Incline)
PARK. Main Gates COFFEE: WoW – Little Engine Cafe

8 March: Sovereign St Loop FLAT
PARK. End of Sovereign St. COFFEE: Bobby Franks.

15 March: Branford Park FLAT
PARK Just past quarry, start of Maitai COFFEE: Columbus (Morrison Sq)

22 March: Richmond Coastal Walk FLAT
PARK: Parking area at end of Beach Rd. COFFEE Vanilla Bean Café

29 March: To Monaco from Airport FLAT
PARK: Parking area at Airport COFFEE Columbus at Mitre 10




18 MARCH (Thurs) 1.30pm. Green Gables General Activities Room.

PARK: on road or un-named space at back of building. Enter & sign in at front. Need to know numbers

 New players welcome 


24th March Wed. VENUE: Founders' Cafe, Founders Park. Midday.
The cafe has a selection of counter food as well as their usual more substantial lunch menu.


9 March Tuesday. 3.30PM hosted by Judy U
For more details and ride sharing contact Louise R

At our last gathering at Baywick House it was suggested that we do a menu around the new

Probus Cookbook that the Jamieson's put together during Covid. There are lots of yummy recipes to choose from and the next hosts will choose what they want their guests to
prepare. The hosts will also choose what kind of an event they would like to hold. It can be a lunch, a dinner, an afternoon tea, a brunch or whatever type of event that you choose. You could even pool your resources with another Group and have a combined party.


Friday 26th February Nelson Golf Club – the one near the airport!
The pandemic situation evolves and we Are left wondering what the situation holds. Lance has kindly agreed to join us for a question and answer session. I’m sure you would like to get expert advice on issues that concern you. Here is your chance.

MOVIE (& Pizza) GROUP: Diana J




Thursday 25th February: Our first walk of the year is the Brook Waimarama Sanctuary see Bulletin Board

Golf. Perry

See Bulletin Board