Interest Groups


Interest Groups:

Interest groups meet either weekly, monthly or randomly. These groups are coordinated by a member with an interest in the activity, with support from the group. Our groups change with members’ interests, and enthusiasm to organise a group. If you’d like to start one, talk to Helen. There’s probably others who’d love to learn something new, contribute their expertise or just have fun with other Probians. We work on a ‘suck & see’ system. You don’t have to commit for life.


Interest Groups:


MONDAY WALKERS: Sally  Meet 9.30am, 1 hour walk, then enjoy Conversation, Coffee & Cake!


PARK Near Natureland (North Side) COFFEE: Beach Cafe 10 May- Fountain Walk to Maori Road (Hill with flat options)

PARK: Trafalgar Centre carpark COFFEE: Halifax Cafe 17 May- Hospice Walk ( Flat)

PARK: Top carpark, Saxton Field COFFEE: Pic’s 24 May- Meadow Lane Reserve (flat)

PARK: Aquatic Centre COFFEE: Zinc café 31 May – Willow Walk (flat)

PARK: near Brook Street Dairy COFFEE: Columbus Morrison Square



Frances T 

Thursday, May 20 at 1.30pm at Green Gables, 241 Bridge Street, Nelson. Please park on road or at back of building in unmarked parking space and sign in at front entrance. New players welcome


28th April, Noon

Halifax Cafe, opposite the Library

26th May - River Kitchen Mid-day.

There is cabinet food available as well as a more extensive menu.


BOOK CLUB - Louise R

I am looking forward to seeing everyone at my place next week - Tuesday 11 May at 3 pm.



At our last gathering at Baywick House it was suggested that we do a menu around the new

Probus Cookbook that the Jamieson's put together during Covid. There are lots of yummy recipes to choose from and the next hosts will choose what they want their guests to
prepare. The hosts will also choose what kind of an event they would like to hold. It can be a lunch, a dinner, an afternoon tea, a brunch or whatever type of event that you choose. You could even pool your resources with another Group and have a combined party.


Cameras Club


Tuesday 18 May, 3.00pm, Venue; Susie & Alan’s, Somerset.

Topic: THE ESSENCE OF RABBIT ISLAND. Submit up to 6 current images.

Our website has members’ pictures on the “Camera Club” page, taken to address April’s subject,

Autumn. There are some really good ones from our new membe


MOVIE (& Pizza) : Diana J

Emails sent out each month to those on ‘the list’!



See Social Climbers Special Section for the Year's Plans

We have amended our schedule for the next couple of months as follows:

27th May - Richmond Foothills - exploring local trails on the Richmond Hills, organised by Murray Dawson
24th June – Mt Vernon walkway Blenheim G1. This 2 - 3 hr walk crosses open country on a well-formed track and we will be rewarded by great views at the top

Keep your eye out for further details on our Social Climbers page on the Probus website.

Golf. Perry H


Looking Out Group. Tony

 Friday May 28th we will be enjoying the company of Jessie Cross LLB / BSc Admin/Coordinator Nelson Tasman Climate forum

Cyclists.     Christine

 Make sure you are on her list for weekly emails