June 2019 - Grape Escape - lunch with golfers and supporters after playing at Greenacres.

June 2019 - Greenacres Golf Club - Alex putts with style on no.9 for team Alex Rutherford, Rebecca Sheehy, Tony Elliott and Richard Blunt

June 2019 - Greenacres Golf Club - Jeanette Lash leading her team Doug McLearie, Murray Dawson and Ron Heath

June 2019 - Greenacres Golf Club - Tony Elliot retrieving his ball from team Perry Hoby, Michael Sheehy, Frances Taylor and Jerry Goulter

What a way to celebrate a great day at KIna

Bruce & Michael enjoying a breather

I'm sure it went down the hole

Judy I really didn't mean to hit the ball at you

It's all in the follow through

I can’t see what all the fuss is about!

A hole in one!

A hole in one is a special occasion, for it to be achieved by a Rutherford Probus golfer I think we can safely say it is unique. As Rebecca is our only golfer who can consistently hit the ball straight it does improve the odds somewhat. 

Congratulations Rebecca


Monday 6th May brought us a perfect day for golf.  Using our friendly team formula, twelve people played at the beautiful, if somewhat challenging golf course at Tasman Golf Club at Kina beach. We were all winners
just being out there, but the game was won by Richard Blunt, Tony Elliott and Mike Sheehy.
We then adjourned to Jesters where we were joined by others for a delicious lunchtime meal. 


When is a ball in a bunker but not treated as a ball in a bunker?! (When it is embedded in the wall! and its Michael's)

When is a ball in a bunker but not treated as a ball in

The master shows the way.

Bruce & Rebecca enjoying the view at KIna