Electronic AGM 2020



  1. 1.     Minutes of last AGM were circulated 21 Feb 2020 and attached to the electronic agenda
    Motion: That the Minutes of the 2019 AGM be accepted as a true record.

Moved Jean Simpson/Seconded Helen Hoby 



  1. 2.     President's Report 
    Tony Elliott presented the Rutherford Probus of Nelson President's Report for the 2020 Annual General Meeting (for the full report see Appendix:  The President's Report AGM) 
    “It must be nearly three years ago Helen Hoby asked me to be her Vice President. With the traditional turning of the Rutherford Probus wheel, the implication was I could become the Club's President in due course. I felt very honoured then and I still feel equally honoured today….”
    Motion: That the 2019 President's Report be accepted. 

Moved Tony Elliott/Seconded Ann Nicholson 



  1. 3.     Financial report

Roger Nicholson presented the Treasurer’s Report for year ending December 2019 (see Appendix AGM 2019 Financial annual report and  Rec & Pay 2020-03-17_171245

Motion: That the Financial Statements presented to this Annual General Meeting are a true and correct record. 

Moved Roger Nicholson/Seconded Helen Doherty 


6.    Proposed Subscription for 2020 

Motion: That the subs for the Rutherford Probus Club of Nelson be set at $60.00 per member for the coming year. 

Moved Roger Nicholson/Seconded Helen Doherty


a)    This would produce a loss of about $145 and reduce our reserves to $2,842.22.
b)    For those of you who paid for the AGM lunch (which has been cancelled) - deduct what you paid for lunch from your sub, and pay the remainder.
c)    The need to reduce social gatherings means we are exploring creative ways to connect. There may be some unknown costs so the recommendation remains that subs be $60.00 per member.


   Election of officers: 
The Officers for the Club had only one person nominated for each position, namely:

President: Helen Doherty
Vice President: Roger Nicholson
Treasurer: (2-year term) Louise Rutherford

Ann Nicholson (Activities)
Mary Heaphy (Assistant Activities)
Alex Rutherford (Speakers)
Doug McLearie (Speakers)
Secretary: (2-year term) Jean Simpson (continuing in her second year)

Motion: That these named officers be confirmed as the Officers for the Rutherford Probus Club for the coming year. 

Moved Tony Elliott/Seconded Helen Hoby