Latest Update of Club News


 General Club Activities  
Lock Down is in place   
As we are limited from having our usual "face to face" activities shall we experiment with something a little different?
It will keep us slightly connected and looking out for each other.
I suggest we set up a Telephone Tree where we phone each other and have a good old chat. 
I'm thinking we could use the Probus Directory and just give the next people in the book a call. If you are not yet in the Directory then I'm asking your sponsor to include you as well as their other couple. The tail end Charlie of the Directory- who is Janet, will ring the first people in the book - Bruce and Sally. 
Does this make sense?
If you don't want to participate in initiating a call,  you'll probably still receive a phone call.
You may want to take this idea further and set up a "Tree" within your particular activity group. 
It could even be via Skype?? Let's get innovative with new approaches to being friendly Probians.
Let's get the phone calling happening first to offer support and care to one another. Then you'll hear from me again.

Specialist Club Activities        


At the moment all normal activitiesd are on hold but Activity Organisers may be making special arrangements. Here are their recent thoughts:


Interest groups:

While we planned to walk with care, maintaining the 2m exclusion zone, and resisting the coffee shops, we’ve now been overtaken by the pandemic. I’d like to suggest you still make a point of going out for a walk with your partner, and just avoid contact with other mortals.
Please Look after yourselves. We
ll gather again when its safe.

We’ve been overtaken by events. Majong together is cancelled until its safe.

And so have we. On hold till later.

Going to the cinema isnt possible now, as the Theatre has closed. However, were very lucky with Netflix, Lightbox & films on TV( we prefer to record these & to fast forward the ads.). Maori TV often shows good films. Looking forward to when we can resume our enjoyable film & pizza nights. I think sometimes the main event is the Pizza .Best wishes to all

We are looking at proposals for continuing our monthly photo subject meetings via the Internet. 

LUNCH BUNCH – Susie and Suzie
We’ll all be cooking lunch at home!

Our meetings are on hold until the situation changes. In the meantime, why not use some of your free time to create an amazing menu for our group so we have lots of great meals for future events. 


The meeting with Nick Smith will not go ahead. Keep articles and information cvirculating by email and in particular have a careful read of Ron's article.

CYCLISTS: Christine 
Rides are emailed on a Friday for the following Tuesday but are now on hold. We hope you are taking advantage of cycling as the allowed out door exercise.

SOCIAL GOLF: Perry  Were all teed off’ because we cant play!


The world has changed a lot since we set up our schedule with the help of several social climbers at the Honest Lawyer in January. Although we all enjoyed a lovely walk up the Wangapeka in February it looks like club activities are on hold while we wage war on this terrible pandemic virus COVID 19.
Like most of us who are high risk Kathy and I are choosing to self-isolate as much as possible but are finding ways to get into our wonderful bush on a regular basis.
kaha and arohanui social climbers and see you all on the “other side”


 1. 4WD 

Jerry G

2. Book Group

Mary H.

3. Craft Group

Heather H

4. Mah Jong

Sally B

5. Lunch Bunch

The two Susies (B and K)

6. Movie Evenings

Details to be advised by e mail

Diana J

7. Camera Club

Venue and Tooic to be advised.

Richard B

8. Cycling

Every Tuesday at 9.30am - details advised by e mail.  Also Great Taste Trail coming up  9th to 11th March

Christine B

9. Golf

Perry H

10. Social Climbers

Peter J

11. Monday Walkers

Sally B

12.  Gourmet Group

Kay P

13. Bridge


Murray D

14. Looking Out Group

There was a meeting arranged with Nick Smith but this is unlikely to go ahead