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Club Social Activities: Ann N
Club Activities Organisers (Ann & Mary) coordinate a variety of social activities each month. We try to provide a mix of active and ‘less energetic’ occasions! If you have suggestions, we’d love to hear them.

2nd November – 5th November Marlborough Explore.
Our exploration promises to be a very enjoyable and informative time and you are still most welcome to join the group.
 Some folk are only able to do a couple of days and thats fine. If you’re considering joining us, check my recent email to see if it might work for you, too. However, booking your accommodation is the number one priority now.

We will be learning heaps and making some interesting discoveries beginning at the Marlborough Museum with an archeologist speaking to us and then driving to the Wairau Bar for more discoveries. A trip to Lochmara Lodge or Kaipupu Sanctuary on the Wednesday is high on peoples list from the options. There will be a surprise in store late Wednesday afternoon/early evening. Thursday we will have a talk on the wonderful Link Pathway and get to walk a little if we so choose. We finish with a tour and talk at OUtward Bound.

Come and join us on what is looking like a very enjoyable trip away.

Mary says you need to book your accommodaiton for the Reefton trip in February now too.

Please let her know of any changes to your plans, as it does help when activities are being arranged.