Club Cruise to Motuara Island

Queen Charlotte Cruise 17th February 2022

We started at Picton at 9am and the first stop was Motuara Island a predator free bird sanctuary. We had a nice walk up to the lookout over the outer part of Queen Charlotte Sound, Rebecca managed to get lots of photos including Tieke (South Island Saddleback). We saw and almost tripped over Robins on the pathways. Kakariki Bellbirds & Kereru were also seen.  Captain Cook spent time on this island.                        

We re-embarked and went to Ship's Cove where Cook spent time on his 3 voyages in 1770's, it is easy to see the attraction as it is a lovely spot to spend time and replenish supplies, repairing ships and enjoying good relations with the local Maori.

Our final stop was Punga Cove where we were served a very ample lunch of pizza's plus enormous amounts of finger food before arriving back at Picton at 4.30. A lovely day enjoyed by all 31 of us